Frequently Asked Questions



       Do you deliver every image you shoot?

    No. We do not. We eliminate duplicates, test shots, missed focus shots, bad expressions, etc... We also state expected and/or min images within our quotes.

      Do you provide video?

     Yes. we have in house video which is video highlights of the session/wedding/event and is sufficient for most of our clients. However, for clients that don't want a blend and opt for a full standalone videographer, we can then recruit our Vendor partners at an additional fee/invoice.

       Have you shot at my Venue/Location before?

      Most likely, but in the case we haven't, we do extensive research before the session and/or arrive  earlier to scout the location the day of the shoot/wedding

      Do you do destination weddings?

      While Solo Mio is based out of Miami, we serve Central Florida to Key West. We do include include 25 miles included within our rates calculated based on our studio location using Apple Maps ($1 per additional mile in one direction is charged). In the event for a true destination wedding/event, we do charge for travel and reasonable accommodations and would be a little more flexible if it was a destination that we would love to travel to (Sorry Alaska and Hello Dominican Republic:)

     Which Photographer will shoot?

   Typically the one you meet with and/or does your engagement session. Rob is our main shooter but in the unlikely event of an emergency, we have comparable shooters on deck. This does not breach any agreement if the assumed shooter does not make it due to emergency/illness

     I own a boutique or I need Headshots for my business profile.

  Our core business is Weddings. However, we do ALL types of Photography. If you have something unique, just contact us and we will customize a quote for you.

     Do you shoot Quinceaneras, Debutants, Bah Mitzvahs, or Corporate Events?

        Yes. These are all considered 'Event Photography'. We would love to cover your event!

   What is your Photography style?

       Solo Mio Photography is acclaimed for developing a unique style that is deeply rooted in a blend of photojournalism, while influenced by fine art and fashion photography. We hate just regular, non creative images and we are so blessed to have the skill and motivation to make every job unique. We tend to lean toward the film look but can adjust if needed for specific jobs. We love using creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions, and artistic post production refining to bring out our clients personalities and beauty while telling their story. We pride ourselves on being Artists and storytellers and not just someone with a camera taking pictures.

    Can I see a full event from start to finish?

   Of course you may! We pride ourselves on the consistency of our work. We understand all Photographers post their best shots from each wedding on their websites so its hard to determine how well he/she will perform on your day. We encourage to share any full events with any client that is considering our services.

  My venue is super dark, how will you handle that?

   We will bring a flashlight... kidding. We have shot in pitch dark situations (not on purpose) we always bring additional lighting when such situations arise. For venues/churches that dont allow flash, we use the most advanced cameras with low light performance.

   Is there a difference in style from one shooter to another?

    No. we ensure every measure and only employ shooters that have similar style and quality. Even though your shooter may be different, we always use a consistent retoucher. 

   Do you touch up all the images that are delivered?

  Yes, Yes, and Yes. Every image we deliver is always retouched. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone mapping, and other corrections. Unlike some of our competitors, if we deliver 300 images, all 300 are corrected and not just a "selected" few. 

   What is the difference between basic retouching and cosmetic retouching?

   Great question. Basic retouching correcting an image and cosmetic is when have to change what you look like... for example, butt size, smaller waist, arm hair, etc.... we offer cosmetic retouching for an additional fee.

   Do you shoot Raw or Jpeg?

   I only speak and shoot in raw... what is Jpeg? lol

    What happens if we go over our contracted time during our wedding day?

       We know things happen and we will always ask when time is up if extended time is needed. It can be extended in 30 min intervals 

   How long does it take to receive our Images?

     We know some of our clients have had bad experiences but we treat our clients the way we want to be treated when we are customers. We love instant gratification so we promise in under 10 days or the client may pay ($95/session $250/wedding) for a rush delivery which is under 3 days. 

   Can I buy Prints/Canvas/Art from Solo Mio?

   Yes! we provide high quality Prints (Sorry Walgreens) and utilize a lab that has been prepared to work with our custom tones and style of photography. We can also provide and design "Save the Date", "Thank You" and other related products. 

    Do you offer Albums/Photo Books?

     Yes. They are gorgeous!

   Your prints are a bit more expensive, can I print them myself?

    Of course you can. However, there is a difference in quality... like Kia Vs Rolls Royce difference.

  Does your company offer framing for the images?

    No. However, we can recommend some companies if asked

  What rights do i have to the Images?

    We share the rights to the images and Solo Mio can use the images for website/marketing, however, Solo Mio is not allowed to profit from the images unless the clients gives permission to do so.


   Can I have the Raw/Unedited Images?


    The quick answer is No. We deliver full resolution download and pride ourselves on giving you a complete product. In the rare circumstances a client wants these images, an additional fee applies and is under the full discretion of Solo Mio.


    What if I lose my images?


    Solo Mio will leave each online gallery on our cloud for 90 days. In that time, it is the clients responsibility to download and save the images. We recommend saving the images in multiple locations/computers. 


      Do you have liability Insurance?


   Yes. Most venues require it.


       What if we can't make the consultation in person?


    We have no problem with meeting with a family member/friend or maybe doing a consultation over Facetime/Skype

     Do you travel to meet Clients? 

    Depends. Distance and schedule plays a factor but we will do our best.

    When do I know I have secured the date?

     When deposit has been received and confirmed

   Can I reschedule?

     We allow rescheduling at no additional charge as long as it is 2 days notice. The new date has to be discussed with Solo Mio to ensure availability.

    Is my retainer fee/Deposit refundable?

     No. However, we know things happen and can be used as credit for future services that happen within a year. this fee are used to reserve your date and decline business while this date is reserved.

   Do you offer any discount for weekday Weddings?

     Yes. A client can assume a 20% discount from our posted rates.


*Is there a question you have that is not listed here? Please send us a quick email, we are fully transparent and understand that this is a very important decision!